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Shops are vital for Grey Hack's functionality and economy. Without shops, the idea behind HackShops would have never existed, and the game would have turned an entirely different... 'root'. Shops allow users to purchase Hardware, Programs, etcetera. To use (most) shops, you must have a bank account. Shops can be found being run under one of two categories: player-run and npc-run. To run a shop, you must have a server, or you can use your own computer. (See more below)

NPC Shops

Found using the Browser.exe program's Search Engine by using the keyword, shop, you can access many different tools and items for your experience. NPC Shops also include the HackShops, but those are hidden from the Search Engine. Through shops, you can purchase servers to use as proxies, websites, SSH servers, and FTP servers. NPC Shops can be easily hacked, but that serves no true use, as nearly everything (excluding hardware) is nicely priced. NPC Shops are run on port 80, and can be exploited using ShellWeb, then Web3xploit. Note, all NPC Shops are exactly the same, and there is no purpose to choosing a favourite.

Image of

Player Shops

Player shops allow the economy to fluctuate, as they can serve good or bad uses. The example provided in this page will be good, however. When a user starts a shop, they are to use a server called http-server. This will port forward port 80 for usage over the internet. Your website will be located at /Public/htdocs/website.html. You are limited to this one page and /Public/htdocs/downloads/. The languages used to create a shop are: HTML (Wikipedia) and JavaScript (Wikipedia). When creating shops, it is important to secure your servers to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to your server and messing things up. Creating player shops allows circulation of economy within the game and helps users with progressing through the game, and is encouraged.

Image of Lady's Purse Shop
Image of SecureNet's Shop/Database
Image of Duck's Shop/FTP Shop

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