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HackShops are a system of shops inside of Grey Hack that permits users to, for a hefty price, purchase tools to aid users in their journey of hacking. Aside from one tool, 'decipher,' all tools, with few exceptions, begin at $25 or $125; you are required to have a Banking account logged into the active computer to make purchases.

The HackShop's front page

The HackShop has three pages, two in which serve vital purposes within the game: Shop and Jobs. All HackShops, by design, look and function the exact same, despite the number of HackShops on the Public server.

Shopping Tab

This tab is one of the most important web pages in Grey Hack. This tab grants access to the latest versions of all latest tools. When purchasing a tool to use, you must be signed into a bank account on the computer (This is specified, as when you SSH into an NPC server or a Player Server, you are not logged in on their computer, and therefore can't access your bank account without logging in, which will leave a Bank.txt file with your login encrypted). Some primary tools you are advised to get are as follows: AdminMonitor.exe, Decipher.exe (Given in first mission), and several more, but these are the most important as long as you aren't hacking yet.

The HackShop's shop page

Job Tab

This tab is also one of the most important web pages in Grey Hack. This tab grants access to the latest jobs posted by players and NPCs that rewards users who complete the jobs with money (normally $450) and reputation. The following list gives the primary examples of jobs you will find from NPCs:

1. Credentials => You are required to gather the credentials of a user on a network/LAN computer. EXTRA: Occasionally, you need to Phish or not allow the victim to see the credentials harvested.
2. Student Grades => You are required to change the academic grade of a student using a program when you gain access to the victim. Unbeknownst to many, you do not need access to the specified LAN computer, just access to the victim.
3. Police Record Delete => You are required to delete or modify the documentation of crimes against a criminal. Accessing the police database requires a different program than the student accessing, but similar manner to access the server.

To create a mission for other players to complete, you must have a reputation of 2.

The HackShop's job page

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