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GHTools is the host of the GH Wiki, and a resource for players of Grey Hack, offering tools to enhance the player experience.

Available Tools

  • Grey Hack Time Calculator
  • GH Dictionary List
  • Anonymous MD5 Hasher
  • SiteSecure Obfuscator (Removed as of Public Build 0.4/5)
  • ServerBase (Not Functioning as of Public Build 0.6)
Grey Hack Time Calculator.png

Grey Hack Time Calculator

Maybe you were hacked at a specific time in Grey Hack Multiplayer but you don't know how long ago this really was. Perhaps you're waiting for a Hosting mission to complete and want to know how long you have to wait in real terms.

Simply choose a date and time, either in Grey Hack Time (multiplayer) or real-time (UTC) and watch it convert.

GH Dictionary List

Contains almost every NPC (There are exactly 16% of passwords NOT on this list) password in Grey Hack, and its MD5 hash. The dictionary is available to download in various formats.

Anonymous MD5 Hasher

Most hashing websites will make a record of any string that you encode, along with its md5 hash. Because of this, most online tools to generate an md5 hash are not secure, as the resulting hash can be searched to return the original string, regardless of how random that string may have been. While simplistic, this tool takes a string and returns its resulting MD5 hash, without recording any data.

Remember that any password used in Grey Hack is decipherable.

ServerBase Requesting

GHTools offers a pre-secured server for members to use on Public builds of Grey Hack for whatever use. There is a "cooldown" that lasts one fortnight. As of recent (4/2019), the ServerBase system is currently not working.


GHTools is open to everyone, with either the skills or the funds. Users can hack their way in, or pay $1,000,000 (As of 15/03/2019) Grey Hack currency to bribe the Administrator. Most users hack their way in (through a form of sandbox provided to allow for this), but for those with sufficient funds, purchased access may serve as an effective shortcut. Users may be required to re-register with every Grey Hack reset.

GHTools Registration

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