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Decipher in terminal.png
The target password is revealed
The target password was not found in the decipher database

The decipher tool is used to reveal passwords, whether the password is an NPC password, or one chosen by another player (in Grey Hack multiplayer).

The decipher tool is run from the terminal and requires the user to specify the path to a file containing a password hash. Deciphering can take from seconds to a couple of minutes to complete - depending on your machine's CPU capabilities - and if successful, will reveal the first password contained in the chosen file. Files commonly deciphered include Bank.txt, Mail.txt and /etc/passwd.


In Grey Hack, passwords appear in the form of a standard MD5 hash. The internet contains considerable databases of MD5 hashes and it may be quicker in practice to copy the relevant hash (e.g. 6a27f10aef159701c7a5ff07f0fb0a78 for jeffrey) outside of Grey Hack and paste it into Google, or search it on an MD5 index, than to use the decipher tool.

There may be occasions where a password is reasonably unique (such as with some user-chosen passwords in Grey Hack multiplayer), and its hash cannot be located through real world search tools. On these occasions, decipher may be more effective.

Crucially, Grey Hack stores the hash (and its plain text string) for most passwords used in game, including passwords chosen by users. Accordingly, if a user in multiplayer chooses a very strong bank password, and its resulting hash does not appear on MD5 indexing sites, the password can still be revealed by the decipher tool (which is why users are advised to ensure they do not allow others access to their Bank.txt file, nor log into their bank account from remote servers).

There are occasions where decipher is unable to return a chosen password, resulting in an error.

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