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A service is provided by calling a WP:port on a remote machine Each service uses a specific port on the machine running it In order to access a service from outside a LAN, the router must open one of its own port and transmit the data towards the service's port, a process known as "port forwarding" Please note that, while you can't change what port is used by a service, it IS possible to open (almost) any port on the router, as long as no device uses the same port twice

Players are able to obtain 4 services in regular shops, while 4 extra services can be found on the NPC machines Each service is running from a specific library in the /lib/ folder : this library determines the service's version and which exploits can be used against it. It's recommended to run services on rented servers rather than your own machine, as your remote computer is shutdown once you quit the game

Here is the list of ports used by default:

Service name Port number Open port? For players? Library name Tool Uses Real-life reference
NONE 0 N/A N/A N/A Metaxploit interprets a NULL or 0 port as "launch a router exploit" Same use : 0 can't be assigned and is used to indicate "no port"
ftp 21 Open Yes ftp command Used in "hosting services" missions They are protocols with an assigned well-known port
ssh 22 Open Yes ssh command
http 80 Open Yes Browser.exe Allows the administrator to host a website available to other players

The website can have additionals uses : bank, mail, downloads, missions...

8080 Closed No (router) Used to access the port forwarding interface without using the http port 8080 is an "alternative port" (often for testing websites during development)
chat 6667 Open Yes Chat.exe Allows the machine administrator to create his own chat channel

Also necessary to setup a guild mainframe

IRC protocol uses port range 6665-6669
smtp 25 Open No smtp-user-list (exploit) When hacked, list all the service users It's a protocol with an assigned well-known port
bank_account 141 Closed No NONE No uses in current GH version besides lore Despite being in the 0-1024 range, this port is not assigned
employees 3306 or 3307 EmployeesViewer.exe Acts as a "generic sql" port on students/criminals missions

EmployeesViewer.exe allows to read either students or criminals databases

Port 3306 refers to MySQL, one of the database systems based on SQL

Port 3307 is unassigned

students 3306 StudentsViewer.exe Can be edited with StudentsViewer.exe

The objective of "University Hacking" missions

criminals 3307 CriminalsViewer.exe Can be edited with CriminalsViewer.exe

The objective of "Police Hacking" missions

*varies* XXXXX (outside only) N/A N/A N/A Appears when a NPC lan provides the same service on two separate machines

The duplicated service is then forwarded as a random 5-number port


Debug data: