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Example of the mail program
Obtaining a mail account is quick and easy

The Mail client in Grey Hack allows the user to send and receive emails, for use in the completion of missions. In Grey Hack multiplayer, the mail client can also be used to communicate with other users. New users must register for a mail account, available from a number of mail sites (the user need only search for 'mail').

Obtaining a mail account is one of the first steps for a new user in Grey Hack, as it is a prerequisite for a bank account and missions.

Social Engineering

Social engineering templates shown in the Mail client

The Mail client currently supports two predefined messages, used to interact with NPC mail accounts, using social engineering to lead an NPC user to reveal a mail account password (which may then be used with shellmail to compromise a target server, for example). The smtp-user-list utility can be used to identify mail accounts linked to a particular server.

Debug data: